A natural alternative to antibiotics

The process, from seed to finished product

At Ropaharm we manage our own production process from start to finish.
  • We have our own oregano fields
  • We process our own plants
  • We manufacture all products in our own factory
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Step by step

1. Breeding

First, we provide through a breeding process that we have a strong population oregano plants.

2. Selection

From here the best plants will be selected. An important step in our process where experience is crucial.

3. Culturing

During 6 weeks, the plants are grown in greenhouses under controlled conditions (temperature, humidity, light) until they are about 10 cm in size, and ready to go into the ground. The land has been carefully prepared and has the right composition to ensure that our plants can become rich oregano plants.

4. Harvesting

After about one and a half year the plants are ready to be harvested. The plants have a proper size now, and the correct composition to contain a large amount of active ingredients.

5. Steam distillation

We use steam distillation for the separation of the relevant active ingredients and the remaining plant material. After this step, we have a pure, potent essential oil, with a very high concentration of carvacrol – average above 70% – and a residual fraction from which we can make tea, and preserve food in a natural way.

6. Production of our final product

Ethereal oregano oil is the main component of our products. In our factory, we process the oil, together with other active ingredients, and carriers, such as water, and wheat flour, to various end products in liquid and powder format. As we analyze our raw materials, and taking into account natural fluctuations of the components, we can guarantee a consistent end product that repeatedly has the same efficacy.


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